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6 54 Welcome to Gridlines, Programs!
by Seth the Kitsune
May 10, 2017 8:52:31 GMT -8
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Chat about TRON-related things such as fan projects.

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10 73 TRON: Argon
by Seth the Kitsune
Aug 31, 2017 21:35:44 GMT -8
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Talk about things not related to TRON, and its many iterations.

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10 52 What Are You Playing?
by aryeh1dotexe
Jan 22, 2018 20:06:08 GMT -8

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Discussion for TRON's Collectors of its often-rare items.

4 36 Lucky Seven Caps
by Seth the Kitsune
Sept 13, 2017 16:44:39 GMT -8
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Discuss TRON, and its sequels, TRON: Uprising, and the many incredible pieces of music related to TRON.

7 40 Favorite TRON Quotes
by Seth the Kitsune
Aug 19, 2017 13:52:07 GMT -8
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Chat about the latest in TRON video games, and merchandise.


8 38 Playing TRON: Evolution / TRON 2.0 on Windows 10
by Seth the Kitsune
Aug 19, 2017 13:42:03 GMT -8

$whoami flynn
Phear: Hahahahaha! Nice! I'll definitely join the Steam group soon, when I have a little time.
Seth the Kitsune: I would like to suggest a new timestamp format; 2015-09-25 21:13:47, using the ISO standard for timestamps along with the 24-hour clock.
Phear: That's a little difficult to read, and I want to keep everything simple and easy to read.
Seth the Kitsune: Well, it would be an optional selection for various registered programs. And even a simple 2015-09-26 would be easy to read and still compliant with the ISO standard. *
Seth the Kitsune: I started reading a really kickass webcomic recently. You should check it out!
Seth the Kitsune: I wish more people would participate in my forum games... Like this one:
Phear: Apologies for my lack of activity these last several months. Life has been quite hectic lately, but with all of the TRON Run/r info and just general awesomeness coming out of the Grid right now, I felt I absolutely had to make time to come back.
Phear: I've went ahead, set registration to moderated, as well as deleted all of the spam threads. I'm gonna take a step and look at the way things could be a little different now, and we'll go from there. :)
Phear: Also, I'm going to make you a moderator, Seth. Congratulations!
Phear: I've got some pretty great ideas coming through the pipeline in the next couple weeks. This is gonna be awesome! *
Phear: Big news coming today, everyone! Stay tuned!
Seth the Kitsune: The user "umm" has been vandalizing our forum and reporting model community members. He will be dealt with if his actions do not cease.
Jasper: Hi!
Phear: It's been a while but I think it's time to clean this place up, and revamp things a bit. The design is still perfect in my eyes, but let's see what we can do to spruce things up a bit feature wise.
st8: The Registryo
st8: for some reason i have no link to download this team can somone help me?
Seth the Kitsune: What are you talking about?
Seth the Kitsune: Testing... recycle.
Seth the Kitsune: To The Registry with it
Seth the Kitsune: It needs some fine tuning, but at least the recycleed thing is functional.